Bundle - Greens & Mrs. Obama's Purse

Bundle - Greens & Mrs. Obama's Purse

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One 20" x 20" Green Sunburst Adire pillow; one 20" x 20" Green Shells Adire pillow; one 20" x 20" Buttercup Aso Oke pillow; one 7" x 20" Sac de Michelle Obama Wax Hollandais bolster pillow make up this Bundle.

Adire Eleko
“Tied and dyed” Adire Eleko cloth marries the art of adding and subtracting to create detailed designs. A starchy cassava paste or wax is used to hand draw on the surface of cotton cloth. The rich dyes “resists” the wax, creating the desired pattern—and a lively touch to your home.



 Aso Oke
If you’ve seen a Nigerian wedding party outfitted in the most wonderful play of grids and colors, you’ve experienced the joy of Aso Oke fabrics. This “cloth of the countryside” is made up of dyed strands of fabric woven into strips of cloth on horizontal looms. Our collection offers striking embroidery as well as more subtle expressions of the Aso Oke craft.



Wax Hollandais
These rich and vivid prints on double-sided, wax-printed cotton inspire the storytellers in us. From ornamental diamonds, landscapes, butterflies, books and fans to a former first lady’s visit to Ghana with a luxe bag on her arm. Genuine Dutch Wax Hollandais fabrics are crafted by machine and hand in 27 steps over a two-week period. Their remarkable presence lasts a lifetime.